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It's a statiscal fact that the Transgender and Gay Community has a huge amount of spending power. Statiscally speaking:

  • Transvestites and transexuals are primarily in better income brackets and tend to be successful in their employment

  • US statistics (where transgenderism is less frequent than in the UK) place their Gay, Lesbian and Transgender populations buying power at $451 billion in 2002 with a projected 35% rise to $608 billion buy 2007.

  • With a large percentage only expressing themselves at home, the best way to reach the transgender community is online

Serving over half a million unique visitors in the last 12 months, Dani's T-Room.com is bringing the mainstream and underground ever closer together.

Dani's T-Room.com offers a range of customised marketing and promotional possibilities including:

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  • Sourcing TV, film or media extras/candidates

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