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Hair Removal Techniques

There’s something just kinda yukky about being a teddy bear in barbie’s clothing, isn’t there? For many transvestites and certainly for most transexuals being able to wear typical women’s clothing will mean some level of hair removal. Many tops are low cut and will expose your chest and arms and short skirts just aren’t the same with hairy legs… And full on dress with a beard, that’s just plain gender terrorism! Equally, as I'm an out transexual, I get lots of emails from normal guys and girls asking what's the best way to loose some hair they feel unfavourably towards.

So what techniques are available to help us rid ourselves of this compromising issue? What is the extent to which each is helpful and what are the pros and cons of each? Hair removal techniques fall into one of two categories:

Naturally your own lifestyle and circumstance will determine much of what you can use. If dressing for you is a once a month hobby the wife is unaware of, laser hair removal is probably overkill. However if you are trying to live full time as a woman, you’ll either want to be a shareholder at Gillette or look at some more lasting options to save you having to slink off to the toilet for a quick shave towards the end of the day.

Actually more and more men are taking advantage of hair removal techniques for purely vain reasons these days. Some have bodies they want to show off and many just cannot be bothered with the chore of remaining clean shaven for the office. So there are now many more options open to us than in the past and some are extremely effective. Shall we explore these options?

For temporary hair removal, you can:

  1. Shave
  2. Pluck
  3. Wax
  4. Use an Epilator
  5. Use a depilatory cream

For permanent hair removal, there are less options but hey, you won’t need them forever will you now?! The choices are:

  1. Electrolysis (including blend electrolysis, galvanic electrolysis and thermolysis)
  2. Laser Hair Removal
  3. Intense Pulsed Light or IPL Hair Removal

I also better just add a few pointers here too:

Hair Removal Scams

You can find a lot of other permanent hair removal techniques if you search about on the net (and on eBay in particular). These are generally scams. The only verified methods of permanent hair removal are the three above and you may end up spending money on something that does nothing more than waste your time so do be careful

Hormones and Hair Removal

Hormones do not cause hairs to stop growing. At best they can make them softer, but don't think that popping estrogen pills like crazy is going to turn you into a silky bodied babe. It won't and being a bearded women is decidedly bad for you mental health (let alone your work, social and relationship life), so don't start taking hormones or herbs for the purpose of controlling your hairs.

Anti-androgens help control the level of testosterone in the body and inhibiting this can be a helpful aide to permanent hair removal, making it easier to achieve the desired result. However if you are not planning to transition, it is not a good idea to take anti-androgens. Testosterone does a lot of things beyond increasing hair growth. It helps focus the mind, it keeps sex drive healthy, and helps regulate the emotions.

Generally speaking - and this was backed up by a long face to face discussion about this with internationally reknown hormone researcher Sam Graci - it is men with with low levels of testosterone that are argumentative and snappy. I have to say I was quite shocked by that having for a long time beleived testosterone to be the source of all evil, but actually I've since investigated and I do think he's right. A healthy male (as in an appropriate level of testosterone and related hormones) is very much the happy, tail wagging dog, while those that are out of balance are the troublesome ones. I must add in here that testosterone does not work in isolation and interacts with other hormones and neuro-transmitters. Remove any one and you can tip the entire body's equilibrium - angry guys not only have testosterone issues, they are typically high in Cortisol, low Melatonin and Prolactin and this is a very dangerous mixture that ages the body rapidly and predisposes one to degenerative illnesses like Diabetes and Cancer. So please don't play with your hormones without really getting to understand what you are doing first.

If you want to learn about how to regulate your hormones through diet, age slower and ward off the spectre of degenerative illnesses as well as give yourself a real education on how hormones work and what they actually do to you, I strongly recommend Sam Graci's excellent book The Food Connection. I've had the pleasure of meeting Sam Graci personally and picking his brains on how transexuals can minimise the health risk from hormones and quite frankly the level of understanding he has blew away specialist private doctors that I'd paid hundreds of pounds to see. After getting insights from him, I was able to change how I felt on a daily basis in a completely safe fashion and so I can't underline him enough for you all!

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