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Hair Removal Techniques

Temporary Hair Removal - Plucking

Hair removal is the single most important factor in making a feminine appearance for most people and plucking is right up there as one of the finer skills of grooming.

Although plucking is simply not practical for clearing large areas, it is hugely useful for tidying and shaping the eyebrows. For a lot of transexuals and transvestites this is a skill to master - get it right and you'll look for more convincing. Take a look at the following before and after pictures:


Before | After

Plucked correctly, the eye appears bigger giving a more youthful appearance. Here are some key plucking tips:

  • Always draw the hair out in the direction it grows and in a motion that plucks it out while running parallel to the skin so you don't tear the soft skin

  • The quality of the tweezer used will make a big difference. Those of lesser quality may allow hairs to slip out and aren't as good at grasping individual stands. Tweezerman are very good - dearer, but they last.

  • Always pluck from the lower side of the brow as this makes the eye appear bigger. Doing the reverse makes you look like you are frowning permanently!

  • It's best to pluck at least a day before you go out as unless you are a soft touch you may occassionally break the skin and it's best not to put make up on any cuts however small. Even if it doesn't cut, it may go somewhat pink

The most important are for transvestites to pluck is the T-Zone. That's the bit at the top of the nose where the eyes meet. Apart from being a sure sign of madness, a monobrow simply isn't attractive on a woman. In fact many women think it's not attractive on a man either, so plucking that area is considered just good grooming and not necessarily something that denotes a cross dressing double life. You can easily clear away a thumbs thickness of hair and still look totally normal, in fact probably more attractive than before.

When it comes to the rest of the eyebrow, go carefully. The goal is not to strip them away to pencil thin lines and doing so would likely be the cause of a good ribbing or twenty from male friends when leading one's normal life. Unless you are living full time, it's best to stick to just clearing away any random fly away hairs and just softly tidying the brow line up. If super fine eye brows are what you desperately want, there are no permanent ways of acheiving this such as by using theatrical make up. Tomorrow, you can then go back to being your bushy browed self and none is any the wiser.

Some of the most beautiful women who've ever graced our screens do have powerful eyebrows, here's a typical example - Audrey Hepburn:

Audrey Hepburn
Strong, defined eyebrows were an Audrey Hepburn hallmark

Lastly, tweezers are excellent where nose hair is concerned. Gross as the thought may be, nasal hair doesn't affect women and apart from being unsightly, it's totally unconvincing. But being hair free is worth shedding a few tears over, right?

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