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Hair Removal Techniques

Temporary Hair Removal - Waxing

To wax or not to wax, that is the question. Whether it is easier in the mind to risk the screams and tears of having so many hairs removed at the same time to gain the long term pleasure of thinner, softer hairs that don't turn reappear as stuble by the very next day...

Waxing is an eye opening form of hair removal, some people swear by it, others start to cry at the thought of pulling out just one hair. Compared to shaving it does have some advantages that make it worth all the stress to devotees:

  1. Waxing lasts longer - shaving typically needs to be done every few days to keep the body stuble free, whereas waxing can leave you slinky smooth for several weeks at a time

  2. Waxing can soften your hair growth - whilst people often fear their hair getting worse through shaving, waxing is known to reduce the strength of hair growth, leaving it finer, sparser and softer when it does return

  3. Waxing doesn't make stuble - You'll never be like rubbing up against a piece of sandpaper if you wax as it never creates stuble

On top of that waxing is relatively cheap these days. In the past, waxing was something that had to be performed in a salon environment but these days you can get great quality home waxing kits that allow you to remove the fur all in the comfort your own home. So if you are particularly squeamish, have a drink and give it a go!

Waxing works by coating a layer of warm wax over the skin. If you get burned, you know you've overheated it because it's not the heat that we're looking for. The heat - often created by microwaving your wax - is just to make the wax soft enough to smear on. Stir it a bit first and test to see if it is at a comfortable temperature before applying.

Before it dries, you smear on top of it an absorbant cloth and after giving it a moment to set you pull it away as fast as you can. Resisting the obvious temptation to flinch not only gives a better result, it also hurts less.

Most people find they acclimatise to waxing after a few sessions and any pain becomes lessened as the hairs become softer. Male hair is generally going to be thicker than female hair, both in the density of coverage and the toughness of individual hairs. Whether you're a big strong boy or you cry like a girl, give it a four or five sessions to see the hair really thin down and become softer and you will find the hair removal process is getting easier.

Incidentally, people who complain of sensitive skin are often better off waxing than shaving. Waxing is less likely to cause red marks and razor rash as it removes the hair by the bulb as opposed to cutting away what's visible above the skin. When you do that, the hair grows back out but can, with sensitive skinned people, cause the in grown hairs (hairs trapped beneath the skin) that are commonly called shaving rash.

On the subject of sensitive skin, only women and those who've had significant permanent hair removal on the face, should ever consider waxing their face. Even then think carefully and only use a product specially formulated for the face. I still shudder to this day when I think of what a totally straight male friend of mine did because he hated shaving so much. Let's put it this way, he could've been an extra from a horror movie afterwards and nowdays he's strictly a razor man!

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