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L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics

L'Oreal Paris CosmeticsL'Oreal Paris - because you're worth it

L'Oreal Paris are famous for their slogan but then they are one third of all profit made by the L'Oreal group of brands. Now let's put that in perspective here! L'Oreal owns a large number of the leading cosmetic and beauty brands out there and no doubt you'll recognise:

  • Biotherm skin care (surely not!)
  • The Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Cacharel and Viktor & Rolf designer fragrance brands
  • Giorgio Armani Cosmetics (no way!)
  • Kiehl's speciality skincare, haircare and bodycare
  • Lancome cosmetics (oh yes they do!)
  • shu uemura cosmetics (oh my god!)
  • Redken 5th Ave NYC hair products (who would've thought it?)
  • Maybelline cosmetics (what?)
  • L'Oreal Professionnel hair products
  • Garnier hair products (could of guessed that one)
  • Vichy skin care (surely not...)
  • Helena Rubenstein (falls off chair in shock)

Stick all that lot together with L'Oreal Paris and L'Oreal Paris is one third of all that gets sold! Now you probably have a much better idea of why L'Oreal Paris claim to be total beauty expertise!

L'Oreal Paris are responsible for many of the everyday names we know and love such as the Plénitude skin care range, Elvive hair care and Studio Line styling products. Within their cosmetics range their Jet Set Nail Polish, Airwear Foundation, Glam Shine Lip Gloss and Rouge Virtuale Lipstick are still very popular and L'Oreal Paris is constantly bringing out new products.

But why though, I hear you ask, why would L'Oreal want to own so many competing product brands? Simple. Each brand is geared up towards a different type of consumer. Lancome for example is one of the heavyweights of the cosmetics world, creating pure glamour for those whom money is no object to beauty. Shu uemura is the work of Mr Shu Uemura, a Japanese make up artist who began work in film make up in the 1950s and in typical Japanese fashion, offers a high quality blend of art, technology and style. Maybelline made first ever mascara way back in 1913 by mixing vaseline with coal dust and still have a great reputation for mascara (although I hear their ingrediants have since improved somewhat!).

L'Oreal Paris' products sit nicely in the mainstream. They're good, consistent products at affordable prices and although it is their hair products that are particularly well used (even may late Grandma used to swear by Elnett hair spray which shows how long that's been about!) their cosmetics do represent great value. L'Oreal pours amounts similar to the economy of a small country into product development yearly. The make up you get as a result is designed for everyday use. It may lack the staying power of Max Factor cosmetics, the sheer colour explosion of MAC cosmetics or the decandent feel of Dior, but for the price you pay, you get a great selection of products to choose from, each of which is very respectable for everyday purposes. For example, L'Oreal Paris' nail polish ranges such as the quick drying Jet Set nail polish line and the long lasting Resist & Shine Nail polish line are products many women know and love. Equally their Color Riche lipstick and Rouge Virtuale lipstick remain popular offering a range of shades of beauty to rival the Chelsea flower show. A very popular new introduction which reflects L'Oreal's commitment to technology and innovation is the Glam Shine lip gloss range.

L'Oreal Paris make great products for heavy users and their products are so competitively priced you can afford to experiment without feeling deeply hurt that new crazy-girl colour or uber-sexy sultry look didn't quite look as good on you as it did in the picture. After all, you can try out a couple of looks at their prices, get your own colour set and then move to expensive brands if you want to call it your signature look. They're fun, easy cosmetics well worth playing with.

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