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Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay CosmeticsMary Kay - Enriching Women's Lives

Mary Kay cosmetics are one brand that is close to my heart. Founded by Mary Kay Ash, it was born out of one woman's dream to show that women can succeed in their own right. Let me explain.

Mary Kay grew up in Texas and although she trained to be a doctor, she found that she was a better salesperson. She had several successful jobs in corporate sales, but this was Texas in the late 1950s. The Feminist Movement was yet to happen and although Mary Kay time and time again proved her worth by hitting every target, she suffered the ultimate insult. The men that she had trained up herself got promoted ahead of her with almost double her salary.

Naturally Mary Kay did what any self respecting individual would and left. To be accurate she retired, although that lasted all of a month! Mary Kay decided to make her own dream company and her husband (because there are nice men in the world after all!) was willing to help her.

Sadly he died a month later, just as the company was about to launch. With the support of her three children, Mary Kay Inc was launched and made just shy of $200,000 in the first year! Today, Mary Kay Inc remains one of the largest privately owned firms in the USA.

Mary Kay went on to remarry only to see her next husband, Mel, die of cancer. She later started the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, dedicated to providing funding for research into cancers that affect women.

As with many of the great cosmetics companies like Max Factor, Mary Kay was started by one person. Mary Kay continues to be an inspiration to women around the world to this day (she passed in 2001) and her bestselling books and autobiography continue to help women find their own strength and independance.

Unlike Max Factor and L'Oreal Paris cosmetics however, Mary Kay cosmetics are not available on the high street. To get hold of them, you need to find your local Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, who'll not only sell them to you, but will give you a wealth of information on skin care and make up application.

Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover

Having worked for Mary Kay as a beauty consultant in the past, I can definately vouch for the quality of their products. Personally I think that their Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover is simply one of the best out there - Lancome do something comparable but at almost a third extra in cost. Essential for those who want to know that all traces of make up are removed, I used to demonstrate it by drawing a smiley face on my hand in waterproof mascara. I'd then dab some on a cotton pad and just let the dampened pad rest on the mascara for a few seconds - no wiping or scrubbing. When I took the pad away, the mascara would have done the Houdini and vanished. A product well worth seeking out, unlike some others it really cleans deeply but yet still doesn't sting or give bloodshot eyes.

Mary Kay is also very well known for it's skin care ranges and that extends into it's foundation make up which contains botanicals and other goodies to protect the skin and aid it's condition.

Although Mary Kay Ash passed in 2001, her vision of enriching women's lives lives on through an ever evolving range of quality skin care and cosmetics and a huge organisation of independant beauty consultants around the world. These are products designed to cater for women who routinely wear make up and so are soft on your skin, yet full of colour, well worth trying and especially so if other ranges have irritated your skin or eyes.

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