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Max Factor Cosmetics

Max Factor - the Make Up of Professional Make Up Artists!

Max Factor CosmeticsThat's their slogan and for good reason too. Max Factor, as in Mr Max Factor, for that was his name, was one of the earlier pioneers of make up for film. His technique changed the way we use make up - for example it was Max Factor that made the first Cupid's Bow style lipstick application. He also started full face foundation and invented false eye lashes. As far as beauty goes, Max Factor is one of the idols.

Today Max Factor has a number of A-list make up artists including:

  • Richard Dean who's famous for doing Julia Roberts' make up in films like Erin Brokovich and Notting Hill

  • Sarah Monzani who won an Oscar for the make up she did for Madonna in Evita

  • Morag Ross who won the British Academy of Film & Television Arts award for her work in the film The Aviator which recaptured much of Max Factor's original style

  • Graham Johnston who has beautified everyone from Bridgette Jones (Renee Zellweger) to Martine McCutcheon

No wonder they still have the reputation of being the make up of make up artists in the movies!

Max Factor has a range of products they offer that are literally legendary for their performance. For instance Max Factor's Creme Puff powder foundation has gone on for years simply because those that use it love it! It creates a radiant glow that newer products can only rival, not surpass. They also have their amazing finity ranges, so called because they really do last such as:

  • Max Factor Lashfinity Mascara - widely acclaimed to be one of the best smudge, rub, water, tears and sweat resistant mascaras, lashfinity mascara not only creates beautiful eyelashes, it has the type of resilience and performance you would expect if you were on stage under hot lamps.

  • Max Factor Lipfinity Lipstick - A dual pack lipstick colour system, Lipfinity goes on with colour and is then topped with a moisturising top coat throughout the day to create real, lasting colour that doesn't bleed or shed. Let's face it, on a night out, normal lipstick will soon end up on your glass, making Max Factor Lipfinity Lipstick ideal

  • Max Factor Facefinity Foundation - a foundation that can last and last. Being that slipping foundation is probably the biggest greivance most women have with foundation, especially for those with oily skin types, Max Factor Facefinity foundation provides a great alternative to constant trips to powder one's nose

I'm personally addicted to Max Factor's new Lasting Performance Foundation since I'm a bad one for touching my face with my scarf, collar, hands... you name it! However this stuff sticks which is a relative rarity amongst foundations.

Given the quality of their cosmetic products, Max Factor is very competitively priced, more expensive than say L'Oreal Paris but less than Dior. And being that many of them are professional long lasting products, they tend to require less product per wearing which gives them a longer life in your handbag too.

If you are an occassional make up user, I would definately recommend Max Factor as their cosmetics make wearing make up a pleasure. If you're the kind of girl who wouldn't dream of stepping out the house without make up on for fear of someone asking "what happened to your face?!", then equally Max Factor products will make your life easier with their lasting qualities. They represent an in-depth understanding of the needs of the professional woman about town who has outgrown brands targeting teenagers and wants quality make up that's going to make her look and feel great all day.

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