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Celebrities Nightclub

Celebrities Nighclub is without doubt the trendiest of gay clubs in Vancouver and the crowd is truly beautiful. It's also the club that's been the most invaded by the straight crowd, though they do know to behave themselves and there never seems to be any trouble. That's double edged sword for dressers - whilst we want acceptance and to mingle naturally with others, there are some amongst us who also want to keep it as a hobby that we're not known for in the rest of our life. For those of you like that, Celebrities' mix of people presents challenges in that lots of mainstream straight people will be there and Vancouver is only a small city.

On top of that you'll almost always have to stand outside queueing for at least half an hour before getting in... and the lighting inside is so bright, there's no hiding in a dark corner whatsoever...

Celebrities Nightclub Vancouver
Yikes! I've got a flasher in my face! This view is the view you get dancing on stage at Celebrities Nightclub, Vancouver

By UK standards, there are no big clubs in Vancouver. London tgirls who are used to partying till 6am in the dark inferno of Heaven in Charing Cross or GAY at Astoria would find Vancouver clubs tiny (around 500 people maximum), bright (hence the need to dress well!), decidedly sober (very few pill heads or people completely lashed, falling in the gutter, talking in tongues etc) and early to close (3am is the latest).

Big UK clubs are much more intense, the music is louder, the hall darker and the crowd higher. But then London clubland is the motherland of clubbing and is one of the best places in the world to party - few countries are on it's scale. What Vancouver does do extremely well is provide a friendly and safe environment for people to meet and play. And because you can hear each other without screaming, your chances of making friends while out clubbing are higher in Vancouver than in London. So look at Celebrities by Canadian standards - it's one of the biggest gay dance clubs out there, very modern and well equipped and that makes it a cool place to party.

Music wise, Celebrities loves house remixes of 80's English music and has a dancy-flirty vibe going on. You probably won't be the only TGirl in the place as there are normally around 5 as well as plenty of gays who are just so girly you'll want to storm off to the nearest MAC outlet and come back after you've gotten some serious reinforcements! There's also a few lesbians in the place and it's not uncommon for them and TGirls to get on splendidly. I certainly got bought several rounds by them!

I can't even remember how many times I've been to Vancouver's Celebrities nightclub, although the total is probably less than the most amount of orgasms I've had in one night if that helps you put things into perspective. Each time I went, I was suprised by just how pleasant the eye candy on show was, but in terms of value for money, other Vancouver clubs have smaller cover charges, smaller line ups and better dancers. Yet Celebrities is the place to be seen, the Queen flagship of Davie Street, so go buy a new outfit especially for the occassion. And just when you think you've found one that's suitably daring, get ten times more outrageous and you'll still feel drab compared to some of the crowd!

Celebrities Nightclub Review:

  • Type: GLBT Friendly Nightclub
  • Location: Davie Street, Downtown Vancouver, Canada
  • Entry: Cover charge varies according to the night - expect it to start from $10
  • Facilities: Dance floor and balcony, bar
  • Plus Points: Crazy crowd of beautiful people, very open to all types, easy to find and to get home from
  • Minus Points: Very bright inside, often overpriced considering how early they shut, the doormen can get a little heavy handed especially for smokers. A little self-infatuated for some and if you are a Vancouverite the chances are, you will be spotted!
  • Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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