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Transgender Friendly Places

Me and Angel had decided to do the Paris thing for Valentines, so I booked us into the Le Marais, the gay part of town. Le Marais is just off the main centre, but retains it's old character, blending a TGirls dream of small boutiques, designer stores and high street shops.

One of the first stores that caught my eye was Yoham, a designer outlet with an emphasis on the sexiest clothes you have ever seen! Run by Ryan Soltani, I fell in love with a pair of Just Cavalli black leather trousers. Ryan, who is one of the hottest guys I have ever laid eyes on, helped me dress and his attention to detail was superb. "You want be tight here around your butt and the top should pull in close round your chest..." Few men have his talent for making people look and feel wonderful and so we started to chat about nights out. Ryan said that at the weekend, probably the best place to go was Le Raidd on Rue de Temple; only half an hour or so from Le Marais. Angel and I took his advice and headed there that night.

Dressed in my funkiest JP Gautier and leather trousers I arrived at Le Raidd. On the outside it seemed tiny, and there was a fair queue... hardly surprising when you saw the inside! Shoulder to shoulder the whole way, this club was packed! The DJ was already in session, not that there was any space at all to dance and a huge plamsa screen behind the bar was showing the most ripped muscle men enjoying oiling their bodies amongst other things...

After about 15 minutes, I'd fought my way up to the bar and girlfriend, were the barmen hot! They were all over 6 foot and built like main battle tanks! The one who served me looked like a young Bruce Willis' head stuck on Arnie's body. And when I got two Breezers off him, he smiling held the bottles on his ripped shoulder with one hand, flexed his muscles and they popped open! He handed them over with a smile and a wink leaving me reaching for the smelling salts!

The club is primarily gay although there are a few girls there, presumably friends as they were hanging out with cute guys and wearing skirts, so I strongly doubt they were lesbian. Suddenly the crowd looked to one side of the bar and I noticed that there was an enclosed cubicle, over head height and sealed off by solid glass. Suddenly a semi naked man appeared and half the crowd turned! Jaws hit the floor and then the DJ struck up a tune and he began to dance. The cubicle as it transpired was a shower, so the dancer was soon getting very hot and steamy!

Le Raidd's flyer of one of their shower boys

The final surprise of the night came when I needed the toilet. Having no idea of what to expect I was in "ambiguous mode" with make up and a tight top and trousers... probably a good thing in hindsight as I was the only TGirl in the building! Most of the guys in there were white t-shirt and jeans style and I did feel like the odd one out even though there was no awkwardness. Well, apart from the fact that several of them took it upon themselves to try and rub themselves against me. Apart from that, it was just smiles and winks and a number of chat lines en francais that were quickly detered by my obvious lack of French vocabulary...

Any rate, being dressed to go either way I went to the mens. Look I was being a bad girl on the prowl alright! I get refused entry to the mens when I go out dressed normally so it was novelty. In the toilet I found there were two urinals on opposite walls to each other. Using one, I noticed that there was a TV screen above it... that's funny, I thought, this doesn't look like a pre-recorded porn film... at which point it clicked. The urinal behind me was showing what I was doing and I was seeing what was going on behind me! How gay is that?!

Overall I have to say Le Raidd is the queerest place I've ever been. The people were friendly, the bar staff gorgeous but if you're not gay, stay well away, this place will do your head in. This does go to show that the gay community is so strong they don't need TVs to fill their clubs anymore so not all gay bars will make you feel as welcome as once they did, especially if they are as trendy as this one is. I'd fairly guess that if you did turn up dressed you'd not be outcast, but then there are full on drag clubs in Paris so they might well be a better option. I guess I'll have to go back and find out for you all... the things I do for you, tch! If you are bi or gay and don't mind showing some of the "boy in the girl" as it were, I think you'd have a real fun time, especially if you go as a group. Learn some rude sayings in French too beforehand! Like Dominic est dans la chambre à coucher avec un oiseau, that should help you create total confusion!

Le Raidd Review:

  • Type: Strongly Gay Club
  • Location: Rue de Temple, Paris, France
  • Entry: Can't remember exactly, not that I was drunk or anything... I think it was about 5 Euros which is nothing compared to UK clubs

    2007/08 I got an update from Jamal in Paris: Entry is Free which is why I couldn't remember paying anything... d'uh!

  • Facilities: Dance floor, stomping sets by the DJ, male stripper, gay porn on widescreen TV, drinks and food plus fun toilets
  • Plus Points: One of the places to be if you're gay in Paris, modern, lively and very trendy
  • Minus Points: You'll be the only TGirl in the place unless you bring your friends
  • Overall Rating: 5 out of 10, unless you're gay in which case 10 out of 10!

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