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Transgender Friendly Places

One Tuesday my little sister Nicola came over. Nicola had never been out dressed beyond a few forays out her front door. We were cleaning up my house when along came that most dreaded of things - housework induced boredom! No!

I suggested to Nicola that we pop out for a game of pool and she agreed so off we drove to Milton Keynes' Gay, Lesbian and Transgender friendly club, the Pink Punters. Conveniently located on the furthest edge of Fenny Stratford, the Punters has all it's own parking so there are no hassles when you turn up, even if Milton Keynes as a whole isn't particularly well known for appreciating our special kind of beauty.

Entry to the Punters costs a pound as a non-member and you have to sign in. We were warmly greeted at the front desk by the Punter's restaurant manager, Daniel. Daniel was most hospitable; he took us on a tour of the entire building starting with the upper floor attic, which he runs as a restaurant. On Fridays and Saturdays food is served and the beams and gothic styling make it quite romantic.

Next we came down to the main floor. There's a bar, pool table, dance floor, seating as well as free internet access from several PCs. And downstairs is the main dance floor as well as the fetish dungeon - the Punters caters for all!

The dance floor during one of the Saturday night Hard House/Trance events, which are very well attended.

Nicola and I started on the pool table. Being our first time there, Daniel soon joined us as did fellow staff member Graham. The two kept us entertained for hours with their tales of feisty lesbians and horrendous karaoke wailings! In fact they even started dancing especially for us! And very well rehearsed they were too!

We were there on a Tuesday night; during busier weekend nights the place is well looked after with bouncers and although the place has a huge sign outside saying Lesbian, Gay and Transgender it's often frequented by small groups of straight people who come for the lively atmosphere and warm welcome and trouble is very rare according to the staff. Of particular interest to straight Transvestites who might feel uncomfortable in a room full of gay men is the fact that Stormes nightclub now run a monthly transgender event at the Pink Punters. If you didn't know, Stormes is one of London's bigger Transgender clubs and is well known for putting on a good party.

A shot from one of Stormes recent Transvestite Parties at the Pink Punters

If you're transgendered, whether Transexual, Transvestite or Fetish, you can be assured that you will be welcome at the Punters anytime. Security, discretion, facilities, friendliness... these people have got it all! On the basis of that, I'd have no qualms at all recommending the Pink Punters to anyone. If you're new to going out and nervous, go during the week, Monday or Tuesday. Chances are it'll only be a few of you in there and the staff will make sure you feel comfortable. If you're more out to party, check out the weekend or Stormes night!

Pink Punters Review:

  • Type: Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Club
  • Location: Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes
  • Entry: £1
  • Facilities: Dance floor, food, drinks, pool table, free internet access
  • Plus Points: Safe, discreet, friendly, variety of tastes catered for
  • Minus Points: Watch the more butch lesbians don't hassle you for "looking at their missus"!
  • Overall Rating: 8 out of 10


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