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Transgender Friendly Places

"This is the last undiscovered fringe of the New World" said Beluga Guy as he and I sat on the beautiful beaches of Vancouver, Canada watching the Sun dissapear off to Japan. "Here is one of the few places left in the world where you are still free to live as you choose and enjoy all the riches of the earth before mankind destroys it."

It was kinda sad hearing born and bred Vancouverites talk about their city in such a way but Beluga Guy had a point. British Columbia is like an unspoilt paradise and far from Canada's snowy public image, it has beaches the envy of LA with summer temperatures averaging the high 20s. There's also a pervading feeling of freedom and acceptance that European destinations seldom enjoy. One of the schools here for example has a huge mural on the side of all different types of people and colours with the slogan "Co-exist Together" sprayed in huge letters over it.

"Ha, you think Kits beach is the place, you haven't seen anything yet! Get out onto the pennisula coz you have to see the beaches down there" laughed Beluga Guy's mate, Kev. "Just make sure you turn left when hit the beach"

They'd come to the beach to enjoy another of British Columbia's infamous riches - marijuana! Naturally we got talking in no time, not that I'm a dope hound or anything like that... Purely medicinal, honest! Kev and Beluga Guy aren't gay or TG but they knew the place well and show the typical Canadian attitude - I'm not gay but if you are that's fine so long as you respect my boundaries too. The beach was therefore to be destination number one for a bit of Canada Day fun.

Me and Angel arrived at the beach midday and the weather was already hotter than a Mpeg download of TS Vaniity! In full make up with my best babydoll t-shirt on and jeans I was seriously beginning to regret my choice of clothing as I descended. Having never been there before, in fact never having spoken to anyone who'd been there dressed, I'd gone conservative. Visions of walking into a beach full of straight guys with me in full drag do worry me but dressed as a young girl in just casual clothes I can normally pass well enough. However as this was broad daylight in the strongest sense of the term and the beach was packed, I knew I'd get a fair adrenaline rush.

One thing I'll just say before I continue. The particular beach I visited is well known if you live in Vancouver so any of you locals reading this will soon guess where I was. However, it's not that well known outside of Vancouver. As such the beach has it's own crowd of regulars who enjoy it away from the hassles of hordes of American teenage tourists who flock to Vancouver's other shores. So there's no way I'm going to name it! I don't want to be the one who spoils it! If you're local you can visit or if you make friends with a Vancouverite I'm sure they can take you there.

The sign before you head for the beach...
The sign leading to the beach...

There's only one route to the beach - down a huge cliff on foot! I soon realised why the police let this beach to itself... several buckets of sweat later we hit the beach and wow, what a view! Streching off to both sides was a soft stone free beach covered in huge logs. People were playing beach ball and sunning themselves and well over half the beach was completely naked... suddenly I realised I was going to be hugely overdressed!

Vancouver beach
Naturally, taking shots on a nudist beach is a sure fire way of getting into people's bad books. This photo comes via a friend and shows the beach in the early morning before the crowd arrive and after last night's dregs have slunk away...

Following Kev's advise we ducked off to the left to find a place to sit and recover from our walk. It was soon after I sat down I realised why Kev had said turn left - this was the gay part of the beach. As I lay down in the sand, gorgeous bodies were strewn all around... yep I think I'll be here a while!

The vibe was actually real easy going. No-one stared overtly at each other and there wasn't much tension. As we sat, a naked woman approached...

"Tequila, Margaritas!" she yelled.

She can hardly have been 25 and had a perfect figure. Her long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders and cascaded over her pert breasts. On her back was a backpack. Slightly in a state of shock I declined politely but then a naked man came over!

"You want any pot?" he asked. "I got chocolate magic mushrooms too if you like." We chatted; there are lots of people selling various illegal food and drinks on the beach and they are a real friendly and accepting crowd.

Part way through our conversation, I spotted the sudden change in his eye - he'd clocked that I'm a shemale! But, if anything, he became friendlier after that, not least I think, for realising why I still had clothes on despite being on a nudist beach. He made me feel really welcome and a little bit fancied too.

BC Watermelon
The most famous of the naked weed vendors of Vancouver is the beautiful BC Watermelon, seen here rolling naked in a mound of fresh buds for the cover of Cannabis Culture magazine. OK, it's a lousy scan but the sharp eyed amonst you will note that she hand signed it for me! You can find out more about her on her website - check out her comedy shows on Pot TV too!

Next up was the naked guy selling t-shirts, Don. Photos of scenes from the beach turned into tie-dyes. Not only did he come over, he set up shop for us and chatted for ages. The whole time he acted like I was as naked he was, it was one of the most comfortable and non-intimidating talks I've ever had with a complete stranger whilst dressed. As he showed me his new photos for his next collection we chatted at which would be the best. One showed a man on the beach with a woman behind him in the woods. Funnily enough there was a log sticking forwards around the girl's belly height. Me and Angel burst into hysterics and told him that was the one he should use because it looked like a chick with a dick in the background!

"Can't go there!" said Don immediately smiling. We laughed about it for a while, and Don's down-to-earth view of the naked body was refreshingly asexual and appreciative of the inherent beauty within us all. Before he left he turned to me and said the nicest thing. "I've been working here since 1984. Here on this beach everyone is free to be an artist. You can make art out of a photograph, using your hands or you can make your body a work of art. You can come down here all the time as an artist." The way he said it gave me a warm glow all over - I'm used to compliments from guys who want something, but here was a guy who wasn't hitting on me. I was left with the feeling he appreciates seeing humanity, in all it's many colours, loving life the most. The guys on the log behind me lit up their bong and I blissed out...

For pure fun, I have to say the beach is now a big favourite with me. The crowd are so chilled out, there's everything you need for a great day out apart from toilet cubicles and you realise why people call this one of the last great unspoilt paradises when you are there. Women can go topless without any hassles save maybe the odd look from cheeky tourists and gayness is totally OK, especially if you are on the left side of the beach. However, it's not everyone's cup of tea. I grew up with verbal and physical abuse so I'm perhaps more toughened to it than many - it can be very intense. If you're still building confidence, visiting a more sedate beach that gets used for nature watching may be more apt and indeed Vancouver has several of these too. However, if being served cold beer by naked women on a sun drenched beach whilst sharing a peace pipe with gorgeous young people is your idea of paradise, then I can tell you heaven is a place called British Columbia!

Vancouver Beach Review:

  • Type: Nudist Beach with gay area
  • Location: A secret and well hidden part of Vancouver
  • Entry: Totally free provided you are fit enough to get up and down the cliff
  • Facilities: Sun, sea, sand, logs provide seating areas, plenty of people selling food, drink and other goodies
  • Plus Points: Very relaxed atmosphere where almost anything goes
  • Minus Points: Bring plenty of cash for refreshments as there is no ATM, don't be seen to be drinking alcohol either or you'll get in trouble with the police. Kinda hard to go naked when you are trying pass too...
  • Overall Rating: 10 out of 10 until the tourists ruin it...

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