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My Advice for Being a Happy TV or TS

Have you realised that ignoring the urge is not a solution in your case? Are you finding it hard to live a normal life because inside you feel a turmoil of emotions? Have you been dressing in secret and found that although you are married, you're having serious thoughts about scratching that itch in your behind?

Being happy in the turbulent world we live in isn't easy and for many of the transvestites and transexuals I've met, was often set against a backdrop of self-hate, fear, guilt, marital strife and inner frustration. The key to finding your happiness lies in knowing the right things - look at me! I'm a girl most of the time, but I have a fantastic relationship with a drop dead gorgeous babe. I own my own house, drive a brand new executive car, have all the girly treats and pampering I could ever want and have an amazing social life that encompasses people of all ages, sexuality and social status. I also lead a secret double life as a well adjusted and popular gentleman without difficulty. Oh, and if you hadn't already noticed, I'm totally in love with myself too! I'm so glad to be born me, and I don't think I've "missed out" on having a "normal" life because of the way I was born - far from it, I'm the first to benefit from being a natural born ladyboy.

Could you imagine how good it must feel to be completely comfortable with who you are? What difference would it make to your life to know that people loved you and accepted you as you are? What impact would it have on the quality of your daily life? Do you think that you can work better and achieve more if you are happy or sad? How do I do it? Here are some pointers to get you started.

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