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Building a Positive Self Image

...Continued from Transexual Pictures Part 1

One thing I've also recently discovered is that who your photographer is makes a big difference! I've tried shots in the mirror and later having friends photograph me. Nowdays I've discovered the joy of professional photography and it's really helped build up my belief in my self even further. Now I have a moment in time when I felt completely fabulous and have it recorded forever. It's me after I've been out to all my family and friends, after I've begun the journey to knowing my true self and after I've realised what a beautiful world we live in. It's a photo sequence done for me just after my birthday in 2005; we all age and we all fleeting think "what if I was only 21 again". I won't be able to go back, but now I can always be there.

Before I show you them, I just want to add that I recently spoke with a rather large friend of mine about meeting up and we joking said of our looks, it'd be like a meeting of the ape people. To anyone who seconds that, I have but one thing to say:

So here's a selection of my portfolio:

Naturally you can't go just anywhere to get yourself photographed in dress! It's not just that an ordinary photographer might not be sympathetic and open to you. A photographer with experience of photographing TGirls will know how to place and light you so as to bring out the best in your features, as well as make you feel comfortable strutting your stuff in front of him!

My personal photographer is a wonderful fella from Yorkshire, Ian. Ian has done work for L'Oreal and The News of the World, so he's no stranger to taking beautiful shots. He has all his own kit, including a studio, lighting and so on and more importantly he's a warm and welcoming individual. You can see more of his portfolio at www.ianmeesonphotography.com

He's open to capturing your own unique ideas of you and works with you to bring that out. If you get to the point where you realise "yes, this is me!", capture it forever; it'll keep you alive when things seem down and it'll make you feel good about what you've done with your life.

Because so many people from the site do contact me and ask me who do you go to for this, I'm going to make this one easy for you all! Don't ask me for Ian's details - you can contact him directly through this form. If you are thinking of getting a professional photoshoot, speak to Ian first. He does a fantastic job and if you want a make up artist or anything else, he can generally accomodate - having worked for the News of the World few things will shock him! If you fill out the form below, Ian will get sent your details and he'll contact back to discuss taking things further.

Professional TGirl Photography by Ian Meeson

Your name:

Email Address:


How should Ian contact you:



In this life we all have to live with who we are. Whatever you may have seen on "Extreme Makeover", there is no easy way to change ourselves radically and surgery is both costly, painful and carries an element of risk. However there are things that can radically change the way you feel about how you look. After all, isn't the quality of our daily life determined by how we feel? If you doubt me, how can there be people living hard existences in mud huts who love the life they lead whilst there are others who live in the lap of luxury and are completely miserable?

Changing the way you feel requires only a few steps repeated until it becomes a part of your being. Accept yourself and care for yourself. Then give yourself reasons to be proud of yourself. Do charity. Make someone smile. Give your love to the world. Once you've started to feel the joy that looking beyond your own existence brings, capture the moment so that whenever you want a pick-me-up you can relive the feeling!

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